The Units

Omar Afridi reinterprets his approach to creation with new perspectives. Apart from the seasonal collection, Omar Afridi will offer limited selections on display for short times as a project.

For the first project, we focus on mundane shapes found in the daily environment. Whether the perception of the bag is functional or an objective, the interpretation must include different points of view. Fig01- Introduction “The Units”, a collection of geometrical shapes. Each unit can be a functional bag but the units together can be seen as sculpture.

By looking at the “unit” from outside, it stays as merely an object. However the inside consists of four various sizes compartments and there is a carrying handle. Those functional features bring another perception into this object - A bag.  These different characters exist in the unit. Today, we have applied to this project the techniques we have used in the past. As an experiment, we expanded upon our practice of transforming three-dimensionality into a two dimensional surface by using new ways to add materiality and a sense of volume of colour.

The surface of each object has its own character, created in the process of Japanese traditional “Kure” dyeing. It uses Kure iron and Kakishibu dyed fabric to make this brick-like colour. This was invented in the Edo era〔17-19th century〕 in the Shiga prefecture. The individual object has our signature statement, three-dimensional stroked hand painting with thick paint which reflects on the materiality and sensory activity of the object.